Main Arena

Building Specifications

  • lloyd nobleNorth to South 157’ and 120’ wide with the retractable pushed in and 91’ with the retractable seating sections pulled out
  • Standard north theatre set up-From a south end curtain to the north end is 99 ½‘
  • Size - The arena floor area is approximately 15,575-square-feet round and is concrete. The ceiling is 51 feet above the arena floor.
  • Staging - The house stage of the Lloyd Noble Center measures 40 feet by 60 feet by 40 inches. The area of the stage can range from 48 square feet to 2,400 square feet. It is made up of 8 by 4 feet sections that can be arranged in many different configurations to customize each performance.
    • Concert Seating: (Concert Capacities depend on stage size and setup configuration.)
    • Theater Side Setup: Capacity 2,848 + Floor Seating
    • Expanded Theater Side Setup: Capacity 4,516 + Floor Seating
    • In The Round Seating Setup: Capacity 11,205 + Floor Seating
    • Full Arena Setup: Capacity 8,519 + Floor Seating
  • Electrical Supply: The permanent power supply consists of 600amp, 400amp, 200amp and 150amp 3 phase 120-208 volt total 1,350 amp service.

Concessions/Food Service

There are a total of 12 fixed concession stands on the two levels. Operated by OU Concessions, the stands offer hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, pretzels, candy, coffee, deli sandwiches & wraps, personal pan pizzas, burritos, tacos, bottled water, and fountain drinks. No outside food or beverages are allowed in the arena unless approved prior to each event. Third-party vendors also sell products in the Lloyd Noble Center through OU Concessions. A University of Oklahoma policy prohibits the sale of alcohol.


The main concourse is 22,534 square feet and 1/5 of a mile around. The width of the concourse is 15 feet.

Loading Dock and Access

A ramp on the south end of the arena allows easy access for loading and unloading. The main ramp is 325 feet long and 21 feet wide. A roll-up door (14 feet wide and 19 feet tall) allows semi-trucks to enter the arena. The venue has a delivery dock that is 30 feet long and 20 feet wide. The dock is equipped with a pull-up ramp that is 5 feet by 6 feet. This allows for easy loading and unloading of equipment and materials.

Ticketing Locations

Tickets are available for advance purchase at the OU Athletics Ticket Office located at 1185 Asp Ave., Norman, Okla. (west of the football stadium-plaza level of the Asp Ave. Parking Facility) or online at Multiple selling points are available at the venue on event night. For more information, please call 405-325-3838 or 1-800-456-GOOU.