Production Info

Available equipment

Equipment is available upon request.


Lloyd NobleDuring the summer of 2007, a state-of-the-art retractable center-hung scoreboard and sound system were installed featuring four high definition video boards and four additional video boards available when the scoreboard is fully raised. The system is capable of displaying electronic messages, still and motion graphics, three High Definition live cameras and interfacing most statistical programs. The internal television system and video control room feeds runs through the SoonerVision High Definition production studio inside The Gaylord-Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. The facility’s video system is able to send or receive a satellite feed and is connected to the on-campus fiber optic circuits for inbound or outbound transmission.

Show phones

They are located on the arena floor and in the media work room. Show phones are available upon request.


The Lloyd Noble Center has four Super Trooper Long Throw Xenon spotlights. The lights can be positioned in several different locations along the upper concourse to meet event requirements.


A brand new stage at the Lloyd Noble Center has the capability of expanding to 60 feet by 40 feet. It is made up of 8 feet by 4 feet sections that can be arranged in many different configurations to customize performance. The stage height can be adjusted from 36 inches to 54 inches. One side of the deck features durable all-purpose deck flooring and the other side is carpeted. The stage has wheels, making it fairly easy to move if necessary.

lloyd noble

Wireless Internet

The Lloyd Noble Center is equipped with wireless internet throughout the arena.

lloyd noble

Backstage areas

Catering/Media Room

This room is very flexible and offers a variety of uses. It is approximately 850 square feet and allows for easy access to the loading dock, locker rooms, elevator, arena ramp, arena floor, and media work room. It is often used as a catering room for work crews during concerts and also functions as a press conference room for athletic events.

Locker rooms

The Lloyd Noble Center features six separate locker rooms. Each locker room is approximately 700 square feet. All of the locker rooms feature spacious restrooms and shower facilities. The locker rooms are equipped with personal lockers and rooms are spacious enough to accommodate various furniture arrangements. All of the locker rooms allow for easy access to the arena floor. PHOTOS COMING SOON!

Lloyd NobleMedia Work Room

This room is approximately 1,140 square feet and is equipped with both a men’s and women’s restroom. The work room is flexible enough to function as one large work room or can be divided into two separate areas. Features include numerous internet hookup connections, phone lines, and electrical outlets. Built-in work station tables are located along the perimeter of the room creating a perfect media relations working environment or production office. Four 24-inch flat screen televisions are stationed next to each other on one side of the media work room, which allows viewers the ability to watch four different television stations at once. One-24 inch television is located on the opposite side of the work room. The location of the media work room allows for easy access to the arena floor or the elevator, which allows access to the different levels of the venue. Long distance and extra lines can be added upon request.


All catering needs go through University Catering. Please contact the OU catering office at 405-325-2121 or visit their website for additional information.


The concourse lighting at the Lloyd Noble Center is all fluorescent fixtures. These lights are controlled separately and can be on without interfering with an event. The floor lighting is made up of quartz and metal halides that provide excellent coverage for television and other media. The seating area has quartz lights and is automated on a dimmer system, so the lighting level can be adjusted based on event needs. The Lloyd Noble Center has four Super Trooper Long Throw Xenon spotlights, which can be positioned in several different locations along the upper concourse, to meet event requirements. The spotlights are available upon request.


The Lloyd Noble Center is able to provide a rigging plot for the facility. Please call the Lloyd Noble Center administrative office at 405-325-4666 for additional rigging information.

Show Power

Electrical Supply - The Lloyd Noble Center has held many large events in the past. The permanent power supply consists of a 600 amp, 400 amp, 200 amp, and 150 amp 3 phase 120-208 volt total 1,350 amp service.

Lloyd NobleSound

The Lloyd Noble Center features a professional quality state-of-the-art sound reinforcement system to clearly communicate events in the arena. The new sound system provides a full range of sound throughout the building. The primary speaker system provides excellent sound in the upper seating areas. This system will handle even the most demanding events. A sound technician is on staff to ensure the sound for each event is the best quality available. There is also a portable sound system available upon request.

Building Policies

Please call 405-325-4666 for more information or visit our book venue link.

Inspection and Eviction procedures

For the protection of guests, talent and staff, Lloyd Noble Center management, in conjunction with the promoter, will conduct a visual and bag inspection of all guests entering the facility.

Lloyd Noble Center management has the right to evict guests due to improper behavior.

Novelty Stands

Locations for portable merchandising stands shall be approved by the Lloyd Noble Center and the City of Norman Fire Department, Fire Prevention Bureau.

A floor plan is to be submitted for approval no less than one(1) full business week prior to the beginning of the event.

Open Flame Devices

These devices are not allowed unless specifically approved by the City of Norman Fire Prevention Bureau.

No propane allowed.


Permits are required by the City of Norman Fire Code and can be obtained by contacting the Fire Prevention Bureau via the Lloyd Noble Event Operations Department at 405-325-4666

Arrangements are to be made in advance among the promoter, Lloyd Noble Center Event Operations and the Fire Department.

Lloyd NoblePyrotechnics

A pyrotechnician must have a theatrical or Special Effect First Class Oklahoma license to discharge any pyrotechnics.

All necessary documents must be submitted in advance with coordination of the Lloyd Noble Center Event Operations Department, which must be copied on the documents.

The Fire Prevention Bureau requires a permit and may request a demonstration, prior to the event, during normal business hours.

Certificate of Insurance and pyro script are to be provided in advance of demonstration to the Lloyd Noble Center Event Operations Department.

No propane allowed.


Parking overnight in the Lloyd Noble Center Parking lot is permitted if prior arrangements have been made with Lloyd Noble Center staff. Please call 405-325-4666 for more details.

Safety Inspector

For all events, a trained fire/safety inspector is required.

Seating Plans

Portable chair seating arrangements for special events are to be approved prior to the sale of tickets.  Click here for seating configurations.

Settlement Policy and Contracts

Please contact the Lloyd Noble Center at 405-325-4666 for more information.